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What Are ADA Mounting Heights for Credit Card Stands?

What Are ADA Mounting Heights for Credit Card Stands?

The traditional way of making sales has changed. With the improvement of technology, self-checkout, mobile pay features, and wireless point of sale (POS) systems allow you to make a sale anywhere in the store. However, with these changes, your business must ensure that all visitors can use your services.

Ensuring that your entire store, including your credit card mount, is ADA-compliant is critical to your business and its reputation. Your credit card mount should be at the appropriate height and flexible for all users. But what are the ADA mounting requirements for credit card stands?

Keep reading to ensure your business’s credit card machine complies with ADA.

Why Is ADA Compliance Important?

First and foremost, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that protects everyone with disabilities from discrimination. This law ensures that all buildings are easily accessible to anyone, regardless of their abilities. Your business’s store layout must comply with the requirements. If not, you could face lawsuits and a fine of up to $150,000.

As a business owner, creating a space anyone can enjoy is essential. Communities can benefit from responsible businesses showing acceptance. By being open to all people of all abilities, you can enrich the lives of those in your community, including your employees.

How To Ensure Your Counter Is ADA Compliant

There are many types of credit card mounts, but what are the required ADA mounting heights for credit cards? Many POS holders have features like swivel, tilt, and hands-free options to help accommodate customers. These features help make the checkout experience easier and accessible to all. This is why having a credit card mount is essential to your business.

Have a Socially Responsible Business

Having a socially responsible business is key to building trust with your customers. Making changes to your store to ensure you include everyone in the community will build brand awareness and consumer trust. Adhering to ADA standards broadens your customer base, which can relate to larger markets.

Is your credit card mount ADA complaint? If not, we’re here to help! Hilipro Inc has the best-priced POS and credit card holders in the market. We have various brands of pin pad mounts that are compatible with popular brands, such as our Verifone pin pad stands. We also have universally fit stands too! Check out our online store today.

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