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Secure Stands: Why Your Credit Card Terminal Mount Matters

Secure Stands: Why Your Credit Card Terminal Mount Matters

Making a sale is the main goal of your business, and how you go about it matters. Think of ways to optimize your entire shopping experience for your business to stay afloat, including the checkout experience. While high foot traffic is great, having a reputation for long lines and slow checkouts can turn away potential customers.

With a secured credit card stand, you can quicken the checkout process and declutter your sales counter. Keep reading to understand why your credit card terminal mount matters and why you should invest in POS terminal equipment.

What Is a Credit Card Terminal Mount?

Your credit card terminal mount is a point-of-sale stand installed onto various surfaces, such as countertops, walls, or pedestals. Handheld options for drive-thrus and express lane checkouts are also viable. Mounted terminals are great for businesses with itemized checkouts or establishments requiring customers to check in upon arrival.

Benefits of Securing Your POS Terminal

Credit card terminal mounts matter because they improve the store’s overall experience and prevent you from placing your expensive monitors and kiosk technology on the counters. This will lengthen the life of the technology, saving you money in the long run. Below are other benefits of securing your POS system.

Improve Cable Management

You can hide all the wires from your credit card terminal with a POS mounting system. This will improve your store’s aesthetic and prevent a shopper from snagging a cable. You can run into many issues with exposed cables, including accelerated wear and tear.

Boost Customer Security

Mounted credit card systems are more secure than free-standing monitors. Due to their installation, the customer can adjust the stands to their liking. They can tilt or swivel the mount to their field of vision. You can discourage theft and prevent your system from falling or tipping over by mounting it.

Expand Your Selling Space

Expand your kiosk or counter space with a mounted credit card terminal. You can add brochures, entice impulse purchases, and display store policies in this extra space. This will improve the overall aesthetic of your store, making it look neater.

How Can We Help?

At Hilipro, we understand the importance of credit card terminal equipment and how it can boost your business. Our large inventory of high-quality POS terminal stands and mounts can work for any business. We have Ingenico pin pad stands, Pax stands, and universal stands to fit any brand! Check out our online store today to optimize your checkout process.

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