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Stationary vs. Swivel Credit Card Machine Stands

Stationary vs. Swivel Credit Card Machine Stands

Your business’s POS system is one of the most important elements of your store. It’s where you finalize sales, gain new customers, and track your earnings. However, while the system itself is a key component to your sales operations, it’s the accessory that holds it in place that can affect the customer’s satisfaction.

Card machines can be used with or without a stand to keep them in place. Various holders, stands, and cases are designed for specific needs. Below, we will highlight the differences between stationary and swivel credit card machine stands to help you make the best decision for your business.

Stationary Credit Card Terminal Stands

Most credit card or POS machines come with a basic holder that you can place on your countertop. These are stationary holders, meaning they’re not mountable or flexible. This can be a downside for those who want extra security or need to adjust the screen to see. However, it keeps the machine in place and keeps the wiring neat. Some stationary stands will have a charging base at the bottom, which is a plus!

Swivel Credit Card Machine Stands

Swivel credit card machine stands are great for mounted or fixed locations within your store. This is a convenient accessory that allows customers to adjust the angle of the machine. Swivel stands also simplify the payment process, allowing customers to insert, swipe, or tap their cards easily. You typically see swivel stands in retail stores or supermarkets.

Which Is Better for Your Business?

Stationary or swivel credit card machine stands: which one is better? That answer entirely depends on your customer service goals. You should use a stationary stand if you don’t mind a basic loose holder. On the other hand, if you want your customers to use your POS machine with ease, you should look into a swivel stand or our other options.

Hilipro has various credit card machine stands to make your store experience satisfactory. We offer well-known brands like PAX terminal stands and universally designed stands. Browse our store to improve your customer service and payment processing.

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