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Swivel Stand for Pax A35 Credit Card Machine Terminal PIN Pad

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The Pax A35 credit card processing machine is known for its versatility: the Android-based device can accept touchless payments from phones or cards, as well as card insertion. Hilipro offers a swivel stand for Pax A35 credit card machine terminal PIN pads that adds to that versatility with swivel and tilt capability.

With a 330-degree swivel radius and an up/down tilt of up to 50 degrees, the Pax A35 credit card machine stand eliminates the need for cashiers to come out from behind their counter to assist customers. Instead, they can turn the device toward themselves and then back again for the customer to see and complete their transaction.

This swivel stand for Pax A35 credit card machine terminals also features an adjustable tilt feature to allow users to select the desired angle to hold the credit card processing device that best suits them, based on the counter’s height. Minimize lost time and frustration with a Pax A35 credit card terminal stand that will help you keep customers moving through retail checkout lanes with maximum convenience and minimum delays.

Hilipro provides a complete installation kit that includes a base stand preassembled with the associated back plate for attaching the credit card machine. Also included are mounting screws, an Allen key and wrench, and an adhesive glue pad. You have the choice of screwing the stand down on your counter surface or using the glue pad where using screws is difficult or impossible, for example with glass or marble countertops. The glue pad is designed to be strong enough to hold the stand in place. If you should need to remove the glue pad in the future, heat the area slowly with a hair dryer and use a string or thread to work between the pad and the counter surface to remove the pad.

At 4.7” tall, the Pax A35 credit card machine stand works well with all counter levels, providing clearance to insert cards however the tilt is set. Once you have the correct tilt position set, you can use the Allen key and wrench to tighten the screws so the stand will remain at a fixed tilt or leave the stand slightly loose to allow cashiers and customers to set the degree of tilt that’s most comfortable for them.

The Pax A35 credit card terminal stand is made of robust mild steel with a durable powder-coated finish, which makes it very sturdy and strong.

Order your Pax A35 stand from Hilipro today and get started using it with your Pax A35 credit card machine quickly!