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Benefits of Protective Covers for Credit Card Machines

Benefits of Protective Covers for Credit Card Machines

Everything in your store could be spotless, and customer service could be excellent. But if the credit card machine doesn’t work properly or is super dirty, you could lose a few patrons. Add a protective cover to your credit card machines to keep your sales counter clean and sleek. This way, you won’t have to worry about damage, dirt, or tampering.

Keep reading to dive deeper into the benefits of protective covers for credit card machines.

Protects Your Terminal From Damage

Your credit card machine is an essential part of your business. This is where you finalize your sales, gain new rewards program members, and perform other point-of-sale duties. Getting those key incentives will be more challenging if you have a damaged or broken machine. You should add a protective screen to keep your terminal looking sleek and stylish. This will reduce the chances of external and internal damage.

Adds Security to Transactions

Another benefit of using protective covers for your credit card machines is adding extra security to your transactions. Customers want to feel that their personal information is secure from wandering eyes. Adding a protective cover and a credit card machine holder will help them adjust the screen to their liking. A protective screen will reduce the visibility of their card information from those around the counter.

Prevents Your Keypad From Getting Dirty

Your credit card machine is used multiple times a day, every day. Germs, dust, dirt, and grime can get stuck between the screen’s edges and the keypad. No one wants to use a dirty and sticky card machine. By keeping a dirty keypad, you could lose customers and gain a negative reputation. To help keep your POS system clean, you should add a protective cover to your keypad.

Extends the Life Span of Your Device

Using a protective cover on your credit card machine will extend its life span. Whenever technology gets dirty or overused, the quality of its functionality goes down significantly. To prevent this from happening, you should use a protective cover. This way, you can take care of your device without worrying about it getting ruined by sanitary products or repeated use.

At Hilipro, we offer various credit card machine accessories to help your POS operations move more smoothly. From protective screens to credit card machine holders, we have it all! Take your sales counter to the next level and add to your customer experience by browsing our inventory.

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