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Why You Should Get a Backplate for Your Credit Card Terminal

Why You Should Get a Backplate for Your Credit Card Terminal

Cashiers rarely ask, “Cash or card?” these days. That’s because most customers prefer to pay with a card. For that reason, the need for credit card terminals in most commercial establishments has skyrocketed in recent years.

However, if you don’t have a proper backplate to hold your credit card terminal in place, you might run into some issues. If you’re unsure why a backplate is so crucial, this brief guide will help explain why you should have one for your credit card terminal.

It Allows for Placement Customization

If you don’t currently have a backplate for your credit card machine, there’s a good chance it’s just sitting on the counter for customers to use. While this is fine, it’s not always ideal. Some customers might have trouble using it or reading the screen if it’s far below eye level.

When you attach a backplate to the terminal, it allows you to position it in a much more usable position. You can easily attach it to an Ingenico credit card machine stand, which will improve overall usability and make the checkout process more comfortable for customers.

It Improves Overall Stability

Even if your countertop is high enough for most customers to comfortably read the screen on your credit card machine, that doesn’t mean their experience with it will be desirable. When using a terminal that isn’t attached to anything, it will likely shift around a lot, especially if you need to insert your card into a chip reader. Pushing a card in is nearly impossible without holding the device in place.

A proper backplate will help fix this issue, though. No matter how your customers decide to use your credit card terminal, the backplate will help keep it stationary the entire time, leading to a much better user experience.

It Better Secures Your Investment

While credit card machines aren’t a typical target of theft, if you don’t secure yours, you run the risk of someone grabbing it and running off with it. Even though this type of situation isn’t common, it’s important for businesses to protect their investments. These terminals aren’t necessarily cheap, and you likely have more than one in your store.

That’s why you should get a backplate for your credit card terminal. Most of these plates screw right into the back of the terminal. This will help ensure that your credit card machines are secure and no one can steal them from you.

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