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Universal Stand for Credit Card Terminals, Flexigrip, Tilts 140 Degree and Swivels 330 Degree

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7 Inches high pole mount for the universal mounting product, FlexiGrip. Tilts 140° and swivels 330°. Quick Release Latch (No Key)

  • Universally compatible with any payment terminal or PIN Pad
  • Also available with extra firm grip for larger chip and PIN machines, 
  • Fully compliant with accessibility/disability regulations
  • All the advantages of our FlexiPole product range for tilt, swivel and protection of your investment
  • Presents the device for interaction
  • Protects from interference
  • Maximises the lifetime of your payment technology by minimising cable damage, false tampers and criminal interference
  • Drill or adhesive mounted (adhesive pad supplied)
  • No interference for WiFi, contactless, Bluetooth or NFC
  • FlexiPole products offer incredible value for money with a 50% cost saving on an average installation for a retailer

Lifetime and ROI with mounting

Assessing your options for purchasing your PIN Entry Devices (PED's) it's important to take into account, not only the purchase price but the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product and your return on investment over the same time period.

Mounting your choice of card payment machine has been shown to significantly increase the lifetime of the PIN Entry Device (PED). The PED becomes damaged in the course of normal daily use, being passed to customers, cables rubbing against counters and constant handling all gradually affect how the machine operates.


And of course, it's not just the cost of repairing or replacing the machine which needs to be considered, there is also the downtime while a PED is repaired, a new unit purchased or while a spare is brought from stock.


Security considerations come into play every time a PED is taken off the network and a new one is installed. As highlighted in recent guidelines from the PCI DSS:

“Criminals ...will try to steal devices so they can learn how to break into them, and they often try to replace legitimate devices with fraudulent devices that send them payment card information every time a card is entered.”

Minimising the number of times machines need to be taken on and off the network is significant for maximum security.

Mean Time Between Failures

One of our customers, a leading independent service provider told us that they estimate that mounting PED's can reduce cable damage by as much as 35% - 45%.A leading supermarket retailer with 10,000 unmounted PED's installed, mounted a proportion as a test and reported an improvement in lifespan of over 60% Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Mounting your payment machine is therefore sound investment decision and can save you money over the long term.

To find out more view our recommended solution or get in touch with our sales team who can advise you further.