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Swivel Stand for Ingenico Desk3500 & Desk 5000 Credit Card Machine Terminal

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This swivel stand for the Ingenico Desk 3200, Desk 3500 & Desk 5000 credit card machine terminal can turn 330 degrees and tilts up and down 50 degrees. Cashiers appreciate the flexibility to turn the device toward themselves to serve customers when needed without having to come around the counter to the customer side. The tilt feature allows cashiers and customers to adjust the angle to hold the credit card machine at a convenient position based on counter height. 

This 4.7 inch tall unit accommodates the popular Ingenico Desk 3000 Series and Desk 5000 series of credit card processing machines. It has enough clearance to insert the card when adjusted by the tilt feature. Once you have the correct tilt position set, you can use the included Allen key and wrench to tighten the screw so it won't tilt down anymore, or leave it loose, so customers can adjust the tilt for their comfort.  

A favorite among retail operations, this series of credit card machines is still going strong. The swivel stand for the Ingenico Desk 3000 and Desk 5000 Series Credit Card Machine Terminal helps speed checkout by making access to the machine simple for customers and cashiers alike. Boost your customer and employee experience with this easy-to-use Ingenico Desk 3000 and Desk 5000 series credit card machine stand. 

When you buy from Hilipro, you get a complete kit that enables you to set up the stand for your machine quickly. Our package includes the base stand preassembled with its back plate to attach your credit card machine. Along with mounting screws and the Allen key and wrench, we include an adhesive glue pad to use where attaching the unit with screws is not an option (e.g., a glass counter). The glue pad is designed to be exceptionally strong to hold the stand in place. If you should ever need to remove the glue pad in the future, simply heat the area slowly (with a hair dryer) and work a string or thread under the unit to remove it. 

The swivel stand for the Ingenico Desk 3000 and Desk 5000 Series credit card machine terminal is made out of robust mild steel with a durable powder coated finish. Its construction makes it very sturdy and durable. 

This stand is compatible with Ingenico Desk 3000, 3200, 3500 and 5000 series terminals (Terminal not included).