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Adhesive Glue Pad for Tailwind Stand - Round - Double Sided Glue - Single Pack Glue Pad

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The Adhesive Glue Pad designed for the Tailwind and Hilipro stand, provides a convenient solution for situations where screwing down the stand is not an option. This is particularly useful for surfaces like glass, marble, or any other surface where screwing down the stand may not be desirable or feasible.

When you purchase a Tailwind or Hilipro Stands, it typically comes with one Adhesive Glue Pad included. However, if you happen to lose it, need to relocate the stand, or if the pad becomes loose over time, you can purchase replacement Adhesive Glue Pads separately.

The Adhesive Glue Pad allows you to securely attach the Tailwind and Hilipro Stands to the desired surface without the need for screws. It provides a strong and reliable adhesive bond to ensure stability and prevent the stand from moving or tipping over.

Please note that when using the Adhesive Glue Pad, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and maximum adhesion.