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Wall- vs. Counter-Mounted Credit Card Terminal

Wall- vs. Counter-Mounted Credit Card Terminal

Your sales counter is a centralized area for employee-customer interactions, finalized sales, returns, and other business operations. Since it’s a common space, you must keep your area organized and efficient. This way, you’re able to carry out operations in a professional manner.

Credit card and POS devices function without a stand, but a mount has benefits. Finding the best stand for your business depends on your needs and your store’s layout. Many different types of mounts exist, but most companies lean toward wall or counter mounts.

To help optimize your sales operations, we will go into further detail about wall- and counter-mounted credit card terminals and which is best for your business.

How Terminal Mounts Can Benefit Your Business

Your POS and credit card machines are a vital part of your sales. These devices can also be expensive and work best when taken care of through regular wipe-downs, installation in a safe area, a case, and more. Mounting your machine can prevent it from falling or bumping into harder surfaces, which will eventually damage it.

Terminal mounts also make your business’s check-in or sales operation much easier. Mounts also give you the chance to introduce self-checkout services as well. Gyms, healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment centers can greatly benefit from mounting their terminals.

Wall vs. Counter Mounts: Which Is Better?

The most common spaces to mount your credit card device are on your wall or countertops. However, which is better: wall- or counter-mounted credit card terminals? The answer depends on the layout of your store and what could help make your business more efficient.

Counter mounts are great for retail stores, bars, restaurants, and entertainment centers. However, wall mounts are perfect for self-check-in services for fitness centers, healthcare facilities, or private clubs. Both mounts are great additions to your business due to their flexibility, but you should consider your industry as your primary deciding factor.

How Can We Help?

All businesses could benefit from mounting their point-of-sale devices. At Hilipro, we offer a wide range of stands and mounting equipment from various brands. We have everything from Tail Wind to Ingenico pinpad stands—including universal fitting mounts. Check out our website today for more information!

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