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Top POS Terminal Accessories for Retail Sector’s New Normal

Top POS Terminal Accessories for Retail Sector’s New Normal

As a retailer, you’ve seen the market and culture around shopping change after COVID-19. Many business owners have put more safety and health regulations in place to ensure that their teams and customers are not compromised.

With this change came more opportunities to improve the customer’s experience and your POS systems. From self-checkout lanes to portable POS systems, shopping in retail is forever changed. But how can your retail store benefit from this change? By using accessories to simplify your checkout counter.

Here are the top POS terminal accessories for the retail sector’s new normal.

Keypad Covers

When you work in retail, you interact with many people over the course of a day. You never know where they’ve been or what they’ve touched. Therefore, having clean keypad covers is essential for retail stores.

A keypad cover will keep crumbs, dust, moisture, and germs away from your POS system. You can also clean a keypad cover more easily since you won’t have to worry about liquid getting underneath the keypad.

Drive-Through Handle

Another great POS terminal accessory for retailers is a drive-through handle. This will help your team extend the card processing device beyond the counter—you can handle sales from anywhere in the store! Cards and cash are riddled with germs due to the many hands that have touched them. A drive-through handle will also minimize the number of cards your team member has to touch.

Screen Protectors

Paying with a card is the most common form of payment, next to cash. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You don’t want your PIN on blast for everyone to see. It’s a matter of security and ensuring that your customer’s PIN is protected from wandering eyes.

With their PIN, someone can gain access to your customer’s funds, compromising their safety and livelihood. For that reason, adding screen protectors to your POS system is essential. According to the FTC, they received over 2.8 million fraud reports from consumers in 2021. It’s more important now than ever to keep your customers’ PINs protected with a POS screen protector.

POS Holsters

If your lines start to get long, you can offer a much quicker and more efficient way to move the line: portable POS holsters. Holsters allow you and your team to carry your POSs and protect them from impact and scratches. With a holster, you can check out your customers from anywhere in the store. This will help improve customer satisfaction and boost your reputation for speedy customer service.

What is another great accessory for your POS terminal? Verifone PIN pad stands. Not only are these stands ADA-compliant, but they also keep your PIN pad stable at all angles. Our POS stands provide ease of use and security for your customers’ payment details. If you’re a retailer looking for a more efficient POS system, check out our online store to find the perfect POS accessories.

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