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A Quick Guide to POS Terminal Cleaning

A Quick Guide to POS Terminal Cleaning

Your store’s cleanliness is just as important as the other responsibilities around your business. Create a regular cleaning routine focusing on the common areas and devices used by customers and staff. Ensuring your space is clean daily will reduce the need for repairs and maintenance around the store.

Besides cleaning your floor and windows, it would be best to disinfect your POS terminals daily at open and close. These machines are easily accessible and provide great convenience to your business. However, due to its regular usage, the surface can become sticky and full of fingerprints.

Use the information in this quick guide to POS terminal cleaning to keep your store and devices in upstanding condition.

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Terminal

Germs—they’re everywhere, and it’s your responsibility to keep yourself, your staff, and your customers safe and healthy by keeping your establishment clean. A vast number of people touch your terminals every day. Therefore, you can imagine the dirt, germs, dust, and other substances on your keypad or touchscreen. Leaving the particles can result in them caking up and could potentially disrupt the system’s functionality. So, it would be best to clean it daily to prevent getting sick or working with a lagging system.

How To Clean Your POS Terminal

While every system is different, they typically use the same materials and have similar cleaning requirements. However, remember to read the manufacturer’s manual before attempting any kind of cleaning. Before you begin, ensure you turn off the terminals and disconnect them from power sources.

Follow the steps below to properly disinfect a POS terminal.

  • Gently dampen a microfiber cloth with water.
  • Add your cleaning solution to the cloth.
  • Wipe the cloth over the display and keypad.
  • After cleaning, wipe the terminal with a dry cloth.
  • Reconnect the device to power and turn it back on.

What To Avoid When Sanitizing Your Device

In addition to our quick guide to POS terminal cleaning, there are a few things you should avoid doing when sanitizing your machines. Remember to never disinfect your POS terminal when it is powered on. You should also avoid spraying your cleaning agent directly onto the pin pad or terminal screen—even if there’s a screen protector. Doing so could potentially ruin your device and lead to an expensive repair or replacement bill.

Keeping your POS terminal in pristine condition is important to your sales operation. You need to keep your system clean to avoid inconveniences down the line. If you’re looking for a new reliable terminal that stands for your machines, look no further! At Hilipro, we proudly provide high-quality accessories for your POS and card machines, such as PAX terminal stands, to improve accessibility to your sales machine. Browse our website today to check out our wide range of accessories.

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