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FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2+ Hilipro Stands

Verifone Stands

Verifone POS payment processing devices come in a dizzying array of models to fit nearly every pin pad need, from large, widescreen versions to compact versions that work well in tight spaces. Hilipro offers a broad range of Verifone stands to fit your specific needs.

Whatever Verifone device you’re currently using, Hilipro has a compatible stand. Browse our collection of credit card machine stands to find the model you need, or contact Hilipro for help selecting the stand you want.

Consumers like to swipe their cards themselves or use hands-free payment apps, whether they’re paying in-store or in the drive through. Verifone makes POS payment processing devices that serve these needs. Hilipro supplies stationary, swivel, countertop, or wall-mounted Verifone stands and holders that make these payment methods a breeze, including holders and handles for drive-through POS devices. Find your Verifone pin stand here at Hilipro.