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FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2+ Hilipro Stands

PAX Terminal Stands

PAX makes POS payment processing devices suitable for a variety of applications, from handheld to countertops. Hilipro has the PAX terminal stands you need for the PAX devices you use in your business.

PAX S300 stands come in desk or countertop and wall-mounted versions, some with latch-and-lock or lock-and-key features. Hilipro offers low (3-inch) and taller (7-inch) credit card payment processing device stands, and many not only swivel but also tilt for user convenience.

If you’re looking for PAX S80 stands or PAX PX5 stands, Hilipro has them. Even if you are using an older PAX device, Hilipro can find you a compatible stand that works for you. From compact stands and handheld holders for drive-through applications to larger stands for devices with bigger screens, we can find you the stand you need to cradle your payment processing device and offer convenience to your customers. Browse our collection today.