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FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2+ Hilipro Stands

Ingenico Credit Card Machine Stands

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, Ingenico pin pads require a diverse set of options in Ingenico credit card machine stands. Hilipro has the Ingenico pin pad stand you need for your business. From taller models for desks or countertops to wall-mounted versions for smaller spaces, Hilipro can find you the perfect Ingenico credit card machine stand for your business.

Customers use a variety of payment methods, from credit and debit cards to hands-free apps like Google and Apple Pay. They want the convenience of an easily accessible card reader to enter their payment information themselves.

Hilipro offers Ingenico card reader stands to fit the variety of Ingenico card readers out in the field today. From wide versions with larger screens to slender card readers that fit in cellphone-sized spaces, we stock the card reader stands you need for the Ingenico pin pad you’re using now. Browse our collection today.